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Pocket Travel
Traveling with pet rat?

I am hoping to get a pet rat, but I was wondering if you can travel with me just holding. Or maybe it could be in my shirt pocket with his head out. Or maybe .. perhaps standing on my shoulder like a parrot … . I was hoping to travel especially in places within and around houses and other indoor places like maybe stores. Is it possible to do this without my rat running / error? Or is it a foolish dream T_T?

First, I hope you consider getting two or more rats. They are very social animals and need companionship they crave the same species. Second Instead, you can take a little patience and practice to his rats to understand need to stay on his shoulder. But usually learn quickly. After learning it is rare to jump, however they can "slide" down as a means to explore. I have an outgoing rat who thinks he can do anything. That said, can take their places pet rats. But there are some things to consider: 1. Rats and poop pee 2. Rats need access to water at least once every 3 hours. Most stores do not allow pets inside (especially if they know your a rat) 4. When walking, where pets are others (ie, dogs) the rats may frightened. When I take my rats to "walk" on my shoulders, I always keep your company over my shoulder. If you are scared, go there for their protection. 5. You might also consider a harness and leash. My friend and I have our ferret rats straps are fully adjustable. While maintained in a safe area, this ensure that not too far away from you. But beware, they are complicated and may be able to move out. For the most part, it is best to play only with their rats in their home and place insurance. But bring them to the pet store every once in a while is not terrible. In the meantime, you can educate people about pet rats, and you are! Just be careful them, especially around other animals.:)

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