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When you go camping you should take precautions to protect and store food properly. You need to protect their animals and store food properly to prevent deterioration. These are easy tips on how to store food properly in the camping.

When camping do not want to steal pet food. You also do not want your food to go bad and everyone that feeds to get sick. Go ahead and learn tips on how to avoid these problems. These are the basic steps on how to store food properly in the camping:

1. Before camping to list all the elements that must be kept Cold will take. This will help you determine the size of your refrigerator has to be so everything fits. You must identify the items that require refrigeration and must be kept cold. Too often, campers take more food than they have cold storage space for important issues and stay out to heat.

2. When choosing a refrigerator, make sure that their size allows at least 40 percent additional storage space inside. This is very important if you plan to stay longer than three days. The more extra space you have, the more ice you can put to keep food cold. Assign different refrigerators food and beverages. If placed in a refrigerator, people tend to open more often. This will lead to loss of cold air will keep food refrigerated.

3. Keep frozen foods frozen. For meat products not used during the first day, make sure that freezes when the herd. These products can spoil if not kept refrigerated. Ensure that sufficient cooling is maintained by keeping them in a cooler with plenty ice. This allows you to use these products for a longer period of time.

4. Protect the icy water. Do not toss your plastic water bottles. In home, fill the bottles with water and make sure that freeze before putting them in the refrigerator. You can use any type of beverage bottle. Just remember that the most the bottle is flat, the easier it is to keep in the refrigerator. Frozen water or potable water bag takes a few days to melt and will be a great help in cooling and the extension of food in the refrigerator. It serves a dual purpose, since the bottles can also take you on a walk. This then is your water drinking.

5. Store food overnight in appropriate containers barrel animals enter. Make sure you bring appropriate containers where you can store your food at camp. If bear-proof cans, and can be used. These boats are durable and lightweight. You can store your food in a clean and orderly. If you do not have cans bear proof, you can simply use a bag to store your food. You can tie a string on the canvas bag and hang on the tree branches. This will be safe if you are camping in areas where bears are not found.

See? It's so easy to store food properly to camping the forest. Storing your food properly is pretty basic, but requires proper care of their packaging, preparation, serving on the lower left storage.

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