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Plug Socket
Changing a 13 amp spur to an electrical outlet?

We recently moved from a back boiler to a combi boiler and have stayed with a spur wall outlet is possible to put a plug in front of this stimulus and use it as a normal plug? There are the usual live and neutral wires running from EART the back of the socket.

Yes you can, there is the possibility that this circuit is put in just to serve as the boiler can be in a fuse in the fuse box. There are two types of circuits, the main ring and radio – the main ring is a complete circuit back to the source, a radio is like a big stimulus leaves the distribution box, but does not return. There are different classifications amp maximum for each type of circuit (I forget the top of my head … possibly 32A and 16A, respectively …), so it is worth investigating to see if this is a spur of the ring main or radial separate … either way, you can use it as a outlet, but would still be worth investigating so you know what was done originally. If there are two sets of wires behind the back of the plate, then is part of a home network – if not, can be a spur of the main ring or a completely separate radio.

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