Pink Luggage

Pink Luggage
What are the most common colors of travel luggage comes in? How classified?

I know that Black would be # 1 for sure. So what next? red? I need some new travel luggage, but I definitely do not want black again. When you get your luggage at the airport most people have luggage black! So there's a sale comes with several options for the colors:-Black-Brown-Burgundy Red-lavender-blue Gray-green – pink I just want to get a dark color is the least common and stand out: P

I would say that the blue (dark blue) is the most common color, followed by black, Then red. I think blue has become the most common nowadays because everyone thinks the most common is black, so they buy blue! So no more likely could work quite well. Or, if you want one of those colors, you can put something distinctive (a piece of ribbon or a bright orange neon yellow band) baggage so you know for sure that is yours.

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