Pink Giraffe

Pink Giraffe

Chico, planning a birthday party for children can be sure that a lot of work. But you can meow like a cat instead of roaring like a lion If you use Madagascar 2 birthday party supplies. Get twice the fun and adventure twice with all your favorite characters from the movies.

Beam your life a walk in the park instead of the jungle by ordering a luxury Madagascar 2 Pack. Africa has a lot of things sized to meet all your needs party. Or, get the basic package and simply add additional items you want separately.

Use Madagascar Invitations make sure everyone knows there is a wild party on the road. Once guests arrive, greet with a personalized birthday banner. It has an excellent design African savanna and you can select the words you want for text. Being 61 "wide by 18" high, no one will miss this welcome message. Made of durable nylon metal washers, you can hang outdoors without worries. Or, use indoors and be sure no storm of children going to do any harm.

When the stampede of animals, serve cake and milk Madagascar plates and cups. Pacified be obtained once they see great activity mats. Decorate the party room with balloons Mylar showing favorite Disney characters your child. The deluxe package also includes two colors of curling ribbon, crepe paper rolls, stars and confetti.

Treat your customers, offering favor boxes with a forest of candy inside. Each box contains a 5 "Bean Bag Alex the lion, a few finger puppets animals, and a toy binoculars.

Children love to imitate their favorite animal. It is easy to use washable tattoos Escape to Africa and there are several to choose from. A child Gloria the Hippo can be happy. Another might be quirky Marty the zebra. Whatever animal you want for the day you hear a roar of sounds happy.

Now prepare to open the PiƱata Madagascar 2. The exterior is covered with all the major characters from the films. Within this 17 "cube is enough candy to fill a canyon in Africa. When the birthday child pulls the string toys and candy will flow down like a great river in the black continent. Be prepared for a lot of screaming monkeys!

Turn the oohs and ahhs notes with Madagascar Cake Topper. Peek inside and watch the penguins as they prepare for takeoff. Then, children can turn its propeller and rolling on the floor for seating the volcano stomach.

Your child's birthday celebration is sure to be something to remember if you buy Madagascar 2 party sources. Kids laugh at ease and you'll look like Melman the giraffe smiling. Now reward yourself with a little milk rhinoceros for a job well done. Not every day to beat the wild.

Searching for a wide selection of birthday theme ideas and corresponding kids birthday party supplies? Look no further! Find Madagascar 2 birthday party supplies and other themed birthday supplies at

Bruno the Pink Giraffe in NYC

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