Pink Black

Pink Black

I am a wedding planner and I recently helped a wedding where the bridesmaids wore dresses of bridesmaid black and pink and let me tell you, it's awesome! Y as a wonderful solution to one of the biggest problems are in the planning of a wedding – choosing bridesmaid dresses. This has to be one of the most encounters hard girlfriend. The choice of a menu may seem a daunting task, finding the right place that not only fits your topic, but also available on the day you want it seems almost impossible, and trim your guest list for this invite only a crowd instead of a small country may cause some arguments.

But none of these tasks remotely compare with the agony of defeat involved in choosing a bridesmaid dress which expresses the theme of your wedding and it looks good on every girl in your wedding party. It's just not possible. And even if you find a style you like YOU think that looks good throughout the world, you will have at least one of her bridesmaids who absolutely hates the dress and she will feel uncomfortable all day. And who wants a bridesmaid mopey in the most wonderful day of your life? Let's face it, when choosing dresses for your bridesmaid, never experience the thrill of victory!

Now I've seen a lot of girlfriends who just do not care what your bridesmaids feel like taffeta creations fuchia horrible and floppy hats. The bride wants what wants and everyone can take a walk. These brides strongly that it is your day and nobody else matters. They are partly right. It is your day. But you want your guests and everyone involved in your wedding to be happy for and in a celebratory mood. Do not want to wishing you were dead, as they walk down the aisle in front of you.

But the bride at a wedding certainly knew what he was doing. And you'll say to her bridesmaids also knew. They were absolutely radiant beauty, each and every one. The bride had decided that their daughters will wear black and pink bridesmaid dresses but with a twist. She told each girl to go out and buy whatever black dress she wanted. His only requirement was that the dress had to be all black or black with just a touch of pink or white in it. And all the dresses had to be the tea length and sleeveless. He also told everyone that was using some kind of belt around the waist pink so they must choose a dress that would look good with belt.

This was a perfect solution! Every woman knows what is best viewed using and what she feels most comfortable using. So each girl was able to choose a dress for the occasion and your body type and style. The bride always pink belts for all, and even tapes were different for each child. Working together, each chose a band that looked better with her dress and body type. And of course, the bridesmaid bouquets were pink and white carnations really tied everything together. I think it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been associated, it was just because the bride was thoughtful enough to make your bridesmaids choose their own dresses bridesmaid black and pink.

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