Pilot Case

Pilot Case
"I can be a driver with a mild case of asthma?

I am a 16 years old and I wondered if I could be a pilot with asthma. I was diagnosed when I was ten and have only used an inhaler once two years ago when a cold had settled in my chest (I have not used an inhaler since then.) I've never had as there was also an asthma attack. I am able to do physical activities very well without problems. So it's a career for me as a pilot out of reach?

What kind of pilot would you be? I do not think there's any reason to believe that will never be able to fly an airplane however, flying a plane for the military or for commercial purposes may be out of the question. If this is your dream, however, do everything possible to know, and even if you have to fly with a co-pilot for the rest of your life that is worthwhile.

The Phoenix: Pilot Case

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