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Pillow Travel

As adults, it is perfectly normal and is expected to use a pillow when we sleep. In fact, sleeping without a pillow can be quite painful and leave us waking up with a stiff neck or perhaps even stopping to sleep in the first place.

Therefore not surprising that many parents wonder if their child would also be more comfortable if given a baby pillow.

The answer to the question, however, depends on the age of your child, and also when they are sleeping …….

If your child is under two years old, a pillow is not recommended. One child of this age do not normally need to support your head and most importantly there is always some risk of suffocating in the pillow. In addition, if your child this young age, but it has begun climbing, crawling or walking then the pillow can be used as an aid to climbing the crib.

Therefore, most research suggests that, normally, a pillow should not be considered until that the baby is at least two years old, is also no longer sleeping in a crib but has progressed to a toddler bed.

Even when your child is a little most, however, is not always necessary to use a pillow. If they are sleeping well without a pillow then there is probably no need to introduce.

If and when you decide to give your child a pillow, make sure it is a real baby sleep pillow 'rather than just one you already have in your home. The pillow should be relatively firm that the child can not sink into it while sleeping and be smothered or suffocated. It should also be less than a regular adult pillow, possibly around the size a travel pillow and be easily washable for when your child has those little accidents. If your child has any allergies, will also be able to buy a pillow the baby is not allergic

If you still have doubts as to whether the time is right to introduce a baby pillow for the bed of your child you may want to consider talking to your doctor for check or simply wait until your child actually asks for a pillow or shows some signs of a struggle to sleep on a flat bed.

Chris Towland is the author of The Baby Sleep Solution. The 35 minute audio program that gives the simple techniques that will ensure your baby sleeps through the night, every night. See more information at: http://www.babysleepsolution.com

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