Pillow Case

Pillow Case
How do you dye your hair out a pillowcase?

Color of my hair black and is now on my cal / white pillowcase. Any idea of how to get ride of color!? All appricate advice. Sorry for the extra "that" in my question! Please get out an extra! lol

You only need to make another – how do you do! I do not think it will come out. But trying is not going to make it much worse. Fold and an old towel and place it under the stain. Saturate a rag with hydrogen peroxide (first aid area of the store) and click on the spot. Leave the cloth on the stain for a few hours and then the pillow was in the sun. Then use Tide w / bleach alternative to wash the pillowcase. I have used this method in burns and blood stains age successfully. If it is not, turn the pillow and use the other side.

How to Make a Pillowcase Dress

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