Piece Fleur

Piece Fleur
A tattoo with a frame … What do you think?

I http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v359/Appin_Took/?action=view&current=juicy01.jpg think, for my (future) tattoo complete look, I want to make it look as if it were framed as a piece of jewelry. I want to put a crown in the middle (like that) a fleur de lis, heart, and maybe a cake and caramel. If you saw a girl in his left shoulder blade, purple and blue, what do you think?

I personally love tattoos framed, not many people have them. I'm not sure if all you want, and flow, however, might be too messy, but if you go to a good tattoo artist is to reach a great idea. And with all those things, and have only two colors, seems a bit odd to me. Not really I can imagine. Maybe it's just because I love the vibrant colors, and I totally think I can be really colorful. It has an impressive … Tattoo? lol.

Fleur/Hermione ~ Piece of Me

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