Picnic Time

Picnic Time
Going to be a picnic for the first time, what are your favorite things when you offer?

It's as simple pack a picnic in these days. We found that many grocery stores have either fried chicken or roast on sale and have good salads and good bread prefabricated if you want to make a sub sandwich roll. So if you go that route, you must bring a thermos so you can keep the Foodsafe meat and put in mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce some more salt and pepper. Fruits such as grapes and pears are always good, crispy fries and maybe a dip for a snack is good. Also cut strawberries fresh, add a little icing sugar and put them in the refrigerator. Cut cake and place purchased some strawberries on top of it for dessert. Or make a fresh fruit salad dessert — but more importantly, we like cool white wine if we do the roasted chicken and salads. Folding chairs are something to consider if you do not want to sit on the floor and plates and glasses are also good if you do not want to bring back dirty things. Enjoy!

Puppet singing Teddy Bears Picnic

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