Performance Series

Performance Series
Can this type of processor that matches the same performance as the dual-core series?

AMD Sempron 2800 + 1.60GHz. Well, I have this processor in the present and im thinking if you can match the same performance as the dual cores, because I'm in online games. Also, it's good for the game if I have this type of system? AMD Sempron 2800 + 1.60GHz. 1 GB of RAM. 512 MB video card

It's as good as the old old old … dual cores but not as good as the AM2/AM2 + / AM3 or Core2 Intel Core i7. For most online role-playing games can be one of his platform … must have 3 GB of RAM. 2 D512 and 2 gig sticks i stick well. For a shooter first-person … in any way. The only way to play is to have single-core single 2.8 or better (assuming you have at least 1 MB L2 cache). Actually … this is oppertunity the perfect upgrade for a good price. Go to and get a new Phenom2 triple or quad-core.

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