People From

People From
How I can keep people from stealing from my garden?

I live in area where people are known to rob the people of the garden, unlike other left of gardening, I would like to plant this year. I have a limited space to work with patio.

Plant something like pumpkin it has a lot to give to their neighbors. Share what you have, even if its not much at all. Talk to people walking in the garden while you are. Give one years more or less. People do not steal from their friends to be your friend. Friendship and talk brings a sense of community rather than mistrust and quarrels. I can get more pleasure to share my product to their friends that actully eatting everything myself. No one steal in my area because all you have to do is ask one. center of the city in summer is due to block doors of his car. If someone will fill the pumpkin!

Catherine Tate – Posh People

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