Pelican Case

Pelican Case

If you have planned an event or hundreds that has happened: someone runs in a panic because they need _______ and think they will because you are the event planner. So is __blank__ you ask for anything and everything and need it now! pins, scissors, glue, a hammer, needle and thread, batteries, or Tylenol – What is and what they are concerned its crisis is far more important than anything that could handle the registration desk or between racks. Well, after a few cases like this I decided make the next "ask" met with an assuring "yes." So I created THE EVENT KIT. It is a kit that has everything that anyone could ask for at the same time in an event. Exhibitors, performers, catering assistants, limo drivers, and volunteers – I am prepared for all 911.

This was the most fun I've had in a long time shopping. I went on a shopping frenzy for Staples, Home Depot, and a few other stores (spent about $ 1,000 in total) and has prepared emergency equipment most amazing event I've seen them all. We're talking about big daddy event kits here. I started with a sentence because I wanted something durable Pelican (also I have a little envious of gear and it was my way of trying to be cool as my photographer and A / V friends). I bought some small organizers to make sense of the small pieces, then the task extremely difficult to make everything fit. Now, when I appear at the event day, I feel armed and ready to help everyone with their mini-emergencies.

Someone asked the other day if I got the idea to see The Wedding Planner (Jennifer Lopez) and I laughed out loud in your face right. I felt bad. No, I did not steal it of a film. I really do not remember any type of brain wave – inspiration not really come into play here. I have seen other kits planners before, but have always been small tool boxes or sewing kits and I just wanted to take over the top.

This is what's in my emergency kit:

Electrical Supplies
15 'extension cord
5-bar field

 • Power Extension Mac Book
 • Firewire
 • Ethernet
 • USB
 • 1 / 8 "to 1 / 4"
 • 1 / 4 " 1 / 4 "
 • S-Video
 • Telephone
 • Turn 1 / 4 RCA


 • iPod to PC
 • Mac's monitor output; Miscellaneous
 • RCA to 1 / 4 "

USB Splitter
USB Flash Drive
By heart SD Cad (16m)
Laptop printer
Inkjet cartridges (B & W, color)
Emergency Equipment

First aid kit, for example:

 • Tylenol
 • Benadryl
 • Sunscreen SPF 45
 eyes • Visine Drops
 • Hand Sanitizer
 • Hand Cream
 • Wet Wipes
 • granola bar
 • Frisk Breath Mints

Accordion File Folder

 • Clip Boards (3)
 • Receipt Paper
 • CD-R (2)
 • Heavyweight, Multicolor (40)
 • Note Pad (1)
 • Paper coating (10)
 • File Folders (3)
 • Stickers, 1 "Points
 • Labels, # 5160, multi-color (8)

Accordion Bag

 • 10 "x14" Quilted (1)
 • 9 "x12 Tyvek (2)
 • Catalog (3)
 • CD Mailer (2)
 • Padded CD Mailer (1)
 • # 10 (20)
 • # 8 (10)

Writing Utensils
Highlighters, Yellow (2)
Permanent Markers, Black (2)
Middle + Fine Point, Black (4)
Easy dry markers, (4)
Plumas (15)
Mechanical Pencils (2)
HB2 Pencils (2)
Correction Tape
6 "Ruler
+ Extra Stapler Stapler
Rubber bands, various sizes (50)
Lens Cleaner
Name Badges, Clip (10), neck strap + manga (10), cards (15)
Binder Clips, various sizes (30)
Push bolts (100)
# 1 paper clips (100)
Velcro loops (3)
Peel strips of Velcro (6)
Puddy Adhesive
Glue stick
String (100 ')
Zip ties (8)
Bungee cords (4)
Removable Tape double layer
Scotch Magic Tape
Uncle tape, black red (2)
Garbage Bags, Large (2), small (2)
Zip-Lock Bags, Large (2); Mediterranean. (2)
Twist Ties
J-Clothing (2)
Rubber gloves
Lint Roller
Tide-To-Go Stick Mancha
Sewing Kit
Food Thermometer
Clippers Razor Leaf

 • 9-volt (2)
 • Triple-A (4)
 • Double-A (4)

Ticker Tape, various colors (2)
Hand Stamps (5)
Click to
Digital Camera
Punch; individual
Hole Punch, Complete Sheet
Related to security; Miscellaneous (10)
Coat Check Tags (125)
Raffle tickets (125)

** Set your Own Master Lock (for that matter)
** Stanley organizers, various sizes

Corwin Hiebert specializes in strategic event design, marketing, and management. With over 13 years of experience in the event industry, Corwin has managed near every kind of event, from international road shows to local fundraisers. He is also the author of the following eBooks: “Eleven and a Half Ways to Make Your Next Event a Huge Success” ( and “Growing The VisionMonger – 10 Things a Manager Can Teach You About Running & Growing Your Business” (

Pelican Case: Torture Tests

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