Passport Travel

Passport Travel
My passport expires in February 2009. How I can renew it if I travel before that?

I stay in India. I want to travel to Thailand and Sri Lanka in October 2008. If I give my passport for renewal of this moment, it would take atleast 3-4 months. How I can use my passport to travel ng existed? The only reason I'm not doing it through the express line is that I have time standing in line. Is there any way I can go to Thailand and Sri Lanka with my passport?

Option # 1. Renew your passport: it takes about two weeks, max., Esp. If you renew the same office that originally issued the passport! It takes only two days, if you use the fast track, for which is expected in these days, at a higher rate, which is not too much! Option # 2. The use of valid passport to travel in October, and that your passport is valid until February 2009! Most likely, there would be no problem at all! (Where you stay abroad will very close to the expiration date, all you have to do is to contact the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the place where you are at that time, easily help!) Enjoy your travels, the happy moments!

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