Passport Ticket

Passport Ticket
My passport has maiden name, but ticket and green card are with married name. Will I have problems?

I'm flying with Swiss Int air. My passport has a stamp of the Embassy with my married name on it. I have really scared probems custom control. Neither the embassy nor the airlines I have the exact answer. Please help. My flight is in two days. I'm freaking out. Thanks!

If you have a copy of your marriage certificate (And is a recent marriage), bring with you and that you should not have any major problems (unless you hit the officer who is 100% in the book). Just allow for some additional time for customs officials understand that they can change their passport until the name of marriage, so they are usually quite comprehensive, if your not a year or so, but probably Siad are selected for further investigation. If your green card has an identification with photo, is expected to agree that, as verification of identity with the new name. If you have a govt issued photo ID under the name again, take the well. The more paperwork the better.

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