Passport Real

Passport Real

If you get a passport for the first time, you may be confused about all these pieces of information you need and the forms to be filled. Do not let that dampen their spirits. In this article, we will show in simple terms how you can get your first passport.

First, you will have complete form DS-11. It's the way you need to complete when applying for a passport. Apart from first-time applicants passport, you must also fill form if you are under 16 years of age, if your passport was reported stolen or lost, or if your name has changed since your last passport was issued. Another requirement for applicants First time it's personal appearance at the office of the passport agency to apply.

Apart from the form DS-11, there are special requirements to apply a passport if you are under age. If you are under 16 years of age, some of these requirements include the submission of proof of U.S. citizenship and proof of their relationship with their parents or guardians. Also, you have to be accompanied by their parents if they are under an application for a passport.

In the case of passport applicants aged 16 -17, there are special requirements, although much less than those required of applicants under 16 years. On the one hand, will be required to provide a photocopy of the ID to be present when you apply for a passport. You also need a copy of the authorization of the parents, writing, of course, by your parents. To save time, make sure you already have these requirements laid down even before leaving home to apply for a passport.

For older applicants laws, only asked for the DS-11 as well as other documents normally required of all applicants for passports. It is documents to establish identity and citizenship. Just sign the form DS-11, once prompted to do so.

You may wonder where to get a copy of Form DS-11. You can download it from the U.S. website Department of States. The choice is yours if you fill and submit online, or print the form and complete by hand.

The processing of your passport application you need a little time. Currently, we are talking about a period of four to six weeks for processing. What if you need to travel in less than four weeks? You have the option of having your passport application expedited. passport applications Expedited allow you to get your passport in less than two weeks if necessary to travel to another country or in four weeks if you need the passport to obtain a visa abroad.

Now you see that getting a passport for the first time isn’t that difficult. The waiting period is simply a passport fact, but it’s always worth the wait if you’re a real travel bug. Having a US passport is your first step to going out of the country and seeing the world. Emerald Passport – Real or Scam?

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