Passport Pouch

Passport Pouch

The main options for many travelers in the exercise of all of Europe there are many credit cards, debit cards, cash and travelers checks. Most Experienced travelers always carry a combination of these. Remember to always keep your money, passports and other valuable where no one can get, or even see them. Smart travelers use a moneybelt which is carried under clothing to keep valuables close to you and remains quiet to prying eyes. You should also take a bag, purse or pocket to carry around your money for expenses. This gives you comfort and convenience for you do not have to reach their moneybelt every time you need to pay something.

Last January 1999 the euro was officially introduced. Notes and coins were distributed in January 2002. The euro is now a little higher than the dollar U.S. but it has made traveling in Europe so much easier. The euro also save money by simply buying a uniform currency, unlike before when I had to change their dollars into francs, lire, drachmas, and 10 other European currencies zlotys.

But even with the acceptance of the euro, travelers controls remain the most popular choice for many safely carry on trips. If checks are lost or stolen, the always can be replaced by the agency or the issuing bank immediately or within a few days. Just make sure you always keep the purchase agreement checks with you and keep the serial number of checks you have spent. In this way, you can tell the bank that the checks are gone. It is also easier to track spending by travelers checks. The most commonly accepted are American Express traveler's checks, Thomas Cook and Visa. AMEX also replaces lost checks faster. It is also suggested that take checks in large denominations (from $ 50 – 100 U.S. dollars) to prevent continuation of payment of fees, check cashing check that accumulate.

Credit cards is also becoming more readily accepted throughout Europe, but may be useless for small purchases. Also can use it to then pay for hotel accommodation, airline tickets and other major purchases or emergency. The most widely accepted credit cards are MasterCard and Visa. Also can withdraw cash from ATMs in major cities and countries. The obvious disadvantage of using credit cards is the risk of getting into debt once you get home. If you will be in Europe for more than a month, expect to pay exorbitant interest rates monthly. Put a limit on your card before you leave home. Also check invoices and receipts every time you make a purchase with a credit card so you can compare your bill when you get home.

It is also good carry a debit card with you. The money you spend with a debit card is taken directly from your savings account. If your account runs out, you can not pay. Debit cards can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and for purchases in stores. Debit cards are popular Eurocard Plus and Cirrus. If your debit card is stolen, the thief can not recover your money if you do not know your PIN. So I never write your PIN on anywhere. If a thief finds his number one pin out and remove the money, you can not recover.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash because once the theft, never see it again. However, it is still a good idea to bring cash, especially for emergencies. Money can be useful if your checks travel, passport, credit cards are stolen on the road. Keep money or other valuables. Veteran travelers sewing a quantity in the lining of their backpacks.

If you stop for a longer or if you run out of money, you can have money sent to you use a money transfer service internationally. Just remember that Most banks charge a fee for sending money, so use the services only when necessary. Your family or friends can also use the service such as Western Union, but their rates may be higher than other agencies.

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