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Oktoberfest – Is it easy to get a tourist visa at the Embassy of Germany?

Can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting a multiple entry tourist visa from the German Embassy of the Oktoberfest in Munich? Advice and information would be greatly appreciated … I'm already scheduled for the interview .. what the interview will be? What possible questions can be published? BTW, I am a Filipino passport, recent travels in Asia, has already submitted license my work .. uhmmm oh, and an invitation from the organizers of the Oktoberfest tour. I also brochures Munich Tourist Office for information on how I can get around Munich .. thank you very much.

Where can I get my visa? You will receive an official invitation letter (in English) and a letter from the embassy German German home in the coordination office. This letter must be submitted to the German embassy or a German consulate in their country of origin. As long as your visa application is complete, you will get your visa within a few days to 2 months. In case of problems please report to the coordinating office. Can I apply for a tourist visa? You can use a tourist visa only for the interview. If you arrive in Munich with a tourist visa to begin your studies, you have to leave Germany again and get the visa in their country of origin. The German embassy said he did not need a visa. That is wrong for the EU countries and some other countries (such as U.S., Canada, Mexico). People in these countries can apply for a residence permit (or a job or a tourist visa!) During the first three months of your stay in Germany. What do I need to bring? You need your visa, passport and all original certificates. All other administrative issues can be addressed once you get here.

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