Passport Cover

Passport Cover
How much does it cost to replace the replacement valve cover gaskets v6 engine Honda passport 1995?

How much is the cost of replacing valve cover gasket replacement on honda passport V6 engine oil leaks and oil is going to spark plugs on both sides of the valves are leaking and stone gimme fire budget for about $ 800 + i think this is too much, pls give me and idea where I can take my car at the best price and can fixed.Thanks

The actual cost depend entirely on you. Would you do this at home? Do you want a small garage mechanic to do it? Do you want the dealer to do this for you? You can buy the parts and instructions manual online at different websites. Note that you may or may not need special tools to do it yourself. Do You can borrow a torque wrench to verify that the screws are tightened properly?

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