Partical Neck

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Cat with pictures, big sad eyes?

I am seeking information on a series of images 4 cats that are available for sale in magazines old sewing crochet around the 1950s. The artist was "Lee" and there were 4 different scenes of cats. The sad-eyed cats with really big long necks and bodies. A cat was sitting beside a dustbin. Another was standing in front of a brick wall. There were two others with different colored cats doing a set of 4. The same artist also had a picture with a puppy and a girl pulling a cart with puppies for sale. All the pictures I have seen the animal and the child had really big, sad eyes. These images were printed on glossy paper and attached to what looked like pressed board similar to partical board. Were the size of paper writing standard.

Did you search for "Google Images"? You can see the magazine year, and artist images from Google. Also can try to contact the original journal, which were printed on, all files have previous records of what was printed.

Particle Spring Head and Neck : David Kelly

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