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Make your articles available for reprint publishers and webmasters of other ezine is the key strategy in building a lot of visitors pre-qualified to your website.

If you want your items to be picked up and massively distributed by others, here are 7 common mistakes to avoid:

Article Mistake # 1 Too many grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

In addition to proof thereof by others, you may also want to be sure that you have clearly defined paragraphs. Nothing is worse than a large bubble of text with 20 run-on sentences.

Readers no longer read articles in depth and often only 'scan' your article. They want small bites of information that can be easily digested … also known as "info-snack."

Keep your "voice" in the same person throughout the article. If you use the first-person voice (I, me) or the second person (You, we, us) or the third person (they, them, him, her) … be consistent by staying in one voice for the entire article.

Article Mistake # 2 Too much hype, bragging and self-promotion.

Whether they are as good as you know you are, there is no reason to fill the body of the article with hype, free links to your site or blatant self-promotion. Readers are smart and see through your "hype-veil."

It is best to sell only or tone of your company in the resource box below the article body. Research I've done indicates that the resource box often gets a 3% CTR (Click Through Rate). Be sure to take advantage of that by not selling hard on the body of the article.

Article Error # 3 Content based on what you need to learn, not what your reader needs.

Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and ask: "What does this article offer me? "The research on what the reader wants to read by his own public survey or do keyword research search to find what people are looking for.

Error Article # 4 Making your article broad or superficial in content.

It is better to go in depth on a narrow topic. Define it. Explain. Associated with it. Use bulleted or numbered lists. Offer a secret or experience you have in the theme. Be original in covering your topic as narrowly as possible in a way that has not been done by others. Brevity is golden.

Article Error # 5 headlines and summary of the article does not draw the attention of readers.

The title is often ~ 95% of the initial reason why someone might read your paper or spend more for another article. Do not bore your audience out the door with a boring head or worse, a boring introduction to the article.

If you have to use two phrases to make the title, you're thinking too much. It should be simple and brief. Use keyword research tools to optimize the title.

Article Mistake # 6 Plagiarizing or 'buying articles' …

It is well to research on the Internet for article ideas, but you can not copy word for word of any item. Paraphrasing can also be classified as plagiarism. Be original. Let words flow from his mind in his article. You will sleep better at night and your articles have a greater market value.

Buying articles is not a great idea … especially if you do not get an exclusive license to use them. What good is the same article if thousands of people who call their own? If you do outsource Article writing to ghost writers, make sure you have an exclusive right or license to the works.

Article Mistake # 7 Do not burn the box resources by overloading it.

The resource box is your reward for your article is free reprints, but do not abuse the welcome mat, including a dozen website addresses. Stick with one website URL or two at most and you'll find your item you can find a distribution rate high.

If you want to be really tacky, include an affiliate link in the resource box. A better strategy is to have a domain name registered for every affiliate program that happened to include the domain name that rewrites or refreshes to its network of affiliates. This is much less tacky and looks more professional.

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