Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes
What is the ratio of ice to water?

I know this question is not phrased correctly. But I'm trying to find out: when water freezes into ice, compacted. What is the difference in volume? In other words, the water is packed in an ice cube and its volume is greater when melts. What is the relationship, if there is one? So how would the sea level rise if the ice melts?

density of water at 4 ° C = 1 g / cc density of ice = 917 g / cc so if you have 1 gram then the volume of fluid would be 1 cc volume of solid waste gx 1 (1 cc / G 917) = 1091 cc so the increase in volume as water freezes is 1.091/1.000 = 1091

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