Oversized Laptop

Oversized Laptop
Purse questions for all you fashion out there?

Just curious how many ladies purses or own? are mostly of the same brand or are they all different brands? what about color? do u prefer bold bags make a statement and get attention (in bright colors, bright accessories etc) or do u prefer easy and simple? personally I have 26 purses, including clutches, bracelets, bags, etc, but I find that I tend to get a lot of onces neutral colors so you can match them with anything but im starting to come in bags of bright colors and bold (there is a lime green that I love Target) what is ur favorite bag and why? Mine is a great Dolce and Gabbana bag is black leather (sooo soft) and the front is orange, mint green metallic baby pattern and metallic blue … i love it! fits all my books and my laptop for school and looks amazing and surprising that matches almost anything without crashing:) last but not least when we keep u / purses ur screen?

I have bags of different brands, personally, I love Dooney & Bourke, i get a again each Christmas. I do not get neutral colored bags, all are bright, bold and colorful. I hang my bags, I used to hang on the inside of my closet until I run out space so now I hang on my wall. We hope this answers your questions.

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