Overhead Medium

Overhead Medium
How I can know its necessary medial Replace the filter and the sponge?

I bought an Eheim 2026 yesterday. His work fine. I have 2 questions. 1. How do I know it's time to change the media and a sponge. I could not find a flag in 2026. 2. I was using an overhead filter for one year. I am running the filter and filter up alongside 2026. How long do I have to wait for the recipient to pass a battery of new media in my filter Eheim

The EHEIM going to be a potential bio in about 3-5 weeks. you can add stability to the right Seachem Biomedia if you want to reactivate the chest or just add water and let it has its way. in terms of maintenance every tank is different in terms of waste generation so it's hard to tell you when to break the filter. Also depends on what it works in the interior. If there is a polishing pad (the first block), then you can wait longer. etc. Some people need to scrub sponges of each month, others can do easily every 3 months w / o breaking the filter. you have to find the sweet spot yourself but one of the main advantages of containers is there low maintenance. If you omit the pad polishind fine (you may never really needed) that filter can go a long w / o cleaning. nothing that is to replace the filter for a long time, just a rinse with water from the aquarium and its good to go. perhaps secondary sponges every 2 years and a polishing pad each year in terms of substitution. The glass splintered bio last long, long time and so will the ceramic mechanics. Enjoy ….

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