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We have been socialized into the belief that one is better to do all they can expect from ourselves and others. What a cop-out!

The stimulus to 'do your best ", probably dating back to our education. Most parents try to do the best we can with what they know at the time. Mark Twain even recognized his father's successful pursuit of knowledge when he (Twain) famously said: "When I was a boy of 14 years, my father was so ignorant could not stand that old around. But when I arrived at 21, I was surprised by how much he had learned in seven years.

Parents who told their children to Act your age! "Not knowing how bad advice to prove that they adulthood (research has shown that not acting his age one of the best anti-aging pill is available). When parents instructions: "Do not pick your nose!" they should not know that the advent cosmetic surgery nose would pick up a socially acceptable act (provided, of course, that the selection was done in a reputable journal.) And when he said: "Do your best to" were not to realize that it's best to one may not be good enough.

encouragement of parents to "best you 'is taken up by teachers, sports, business and life coaches, and management gurus who mistakenly think the best thing' is so good as sets. But there is a better "measure" that "better": sometimes we have to do what it takes to get the result we want.

Now, I am does not suggest use of a Godfather-style behavior, but sometimes others and our best may not be good enough to achieve the desired outcome / s. In our leadership roles, people do a dis-service if we allow that "I did my best" as a cop-out by the lack of progress. Several hundred years before Christ, Sun Tzu insisted that the war was the victory of purpose, not persistence. The victory can not be done by one of the best, but they need to do what is necessary. However, there are a lot of management literature that focuses on the importance of "persistence" when we know that the best you can expect to hit your head against a brick wall a headache.

Most athletes who have learned to do everything possible may not be enough to win the gold medal become (Bradbury luck aside, of course). All athletes, the event is probably doing better he or she (a reference to the achievement of a "PB" helps soften the blow of not being good enough in the day), the winner will do what it takes to win (within the rules, of course).

So how can you ensure that your "best" is "good enough" to achieve their desired outcome / s?

Here 10 suggestions that might stimulate your thinking about doing what is necessary.

1. Play to your strengths and recognize when you need help.
2. Trust in supporting others. If you are a sprinter, get the support of someone who will stay the distance.
3. Do what you say. Finish what you start.
4. Realize of no memory, nor rewarded for the amount of time spent on a task, but the outcome / s achieved.
5. It has resources such as The Management Bible Manager online and on your fingertips, and use them regularly. It was Albert Einstein who told us that he had to "know", but to knowing where to go when it came to know.
6. Do not procrastinate: he (or she) who hesitates is a dancer of yesteryear.
7. Stay focused. There a substantial body of research that shows that some people invite interruptions.
8. Remove the ego. If you spend your life worrying about what others think ending up anywhere, and fast.
9. If win-win is not possible, settle for "I win." As a Chinese business partner told me that he interpreted "Win-win" as: "First win and then win again." Maybe he was a student of Vince Lombardi is recorded as saying: "Winning is not is something, is everything. "
10. Enjoy what you're doing. It's your life and your career, your parents can not wait to see what is best for you.

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