Otter Green

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Otter Green
Will you join me as I walk?

What is the cunning of the fox, as with panting grin He takes the dogs barking. While horns piercing the din Rebounds leafy trees. wood, Brock Badger Ambl├ęs, along with its rolling toward the Gate In den land. Not caring about the fate of who outweigh the fox run Bragger. Yellow Owl opens one eye, his singing voice is a knot of oak. While in the vicinity of Lake Placid, a small Rests fishing boat and hang down from the sky. Willow breeding grass bank otters playfully slide. When they reach the stream in the state of mind let water Skimmer glides smoothly, fetid Among reeds. where cattle grazing in the fields dressed in a green meadow. While sparrows twitter in the hedge, Cranes, leg uptucked to groom a gifted pen to pen. Everything is quiet and nice to see what I take my foot this summer day, with nearly faithful old dog as I strolled by the road with nothing to say, silently give thanks for new wonders.

It sounds very relaxing, dreamy … kind of escapism, similar to the "Island of William Year Lake Butler Innisfee! "I love this so much Robert. It brings peace and tranquility to my heart as I read it. Thanks for sharing.

Gene Harris Trio, Otter Crest 1981 – Green Dolphin Street, 1

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