Orlando Disney

Orlando Disney
When is the best time to fly to Disney World Orlando to California?

I'm going to Disney World this September but can only have 4 days to go through what I have to make sure that I will use my time wisely. Flight time is 5 hours from California to Orlando, plus 3 hours of time difference, so I'll be totally lost 8 hours and I have not even including the airport check-in time yet. My question is, when is the best time to away from Cali? I was thinking that perhaps Flight 11 pm so by the time I arrived in Orlando will be around 7am in the morning and the day I can start immediately but I'm not sure if I will be very tired because I'm not sure if I can sleep on the plane for a few hours. Any good suggestions? Pls do not reply if not serious about of my question, thanks.

Since they only have four days, the flight from California to make your time seems a little shorter. You definitely should do red-eye, what you get in nice and early in the morning, so he will lose a minimum amount of time. As to whether or not tires be only dependent from you, how old you are, etc. It's a long flight, jet lag and things that may be tired, I've personally never had much problem with it and continue with day and have a good time. You have fun while probably not even realize he's tired, until you get home 😉 But anyway, some people have a problem with it and have a hard time the first day, and even for a few days in some cases, but if you're young you should have no problem. Maybe it able to sleep on the plane, but that is the way to make the most of his time. If you are flying commercially, can be messy and difficult to sleep, but if you can sleep, not be so tired. In the red eyes, a good majority of the plane is going to sleep, lower the lights and everything and is pretty quiet, but can still be difficult to sleep. If it were me, definitely make the view read. Although not as conveneient like taking a scheduled flight will be given more time to enjoy the parks and the like. The only other option would be to take a flight on the previous day and then be in a less expensive hotel, but I'm not sure if this as an option or not. As another reply said, the hotel will work with you if you have to check in early and stuff. Just be sure to check how that deal with things before booking the type of flight and then discover that they will not hold the luggage and the like. Good luck! Have a great time on your trip!

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