Organizer Briefcase

Organizer Briefcase

The Vantaggio leather collection is an exquisite grouping of full grain Italian leather hand-dyed products. All have the same thing in common, the look and feel to support quality. Each piece of leather hand-stained in Italy, either in a cognac or a rich warm dark brown. The Vantaggio collection encompasses a variety of styles and themes. They have a beautiful, six piece desk that consists of a 20×34 table pad size or blotting paper, a pen and a pencil cup, the holder of a business card, a box Notes for loose paper, a post-it holder and pen holder, and a letter box. They have a variety of passports and travel wallets, plus all purse styles for men who are popular. They have a line of business card holders and organizers. They are the planners of the multi-ring days. They also have popular corporate gifts, the platform of the letter in two sizes. The panel of junior companies is 9 x 6, while the size of letters is a generous 13/10. They also have with the style of 3-ring binder letter pad and base pad zippered letter. All these items are manufactured in the same skin that looks so fantastic elegant with a monogram or logo in relief. Initials can be monogrammed in gold or silver leaf to match the hardware, or blind stamp to leave a logo or seal only initial.

The collection of case Vantaggio is elegant in the richly burnished leather. They have written the attorney classily style that is light and spacious. These protect your documents their elegant brass combination plates. The deluxe brief bag has a more modern yet classic with buckles on each side of the combination lock. Buckles close cleverly hidden magnets for ease of opening and closing the case. In three multiple file compartments and a leather tipped organizer for glasses, pens, cell phones, pda cases and other miscellaneous items. Their briefcases are exceptional and very professional looking. Never before has the edges or French depending on the look edges you like. One is very traditional and the other is quite modern. Inside the suitcases are pockets for pens, business cards, pda case, etc. There is also a five-pocket Organizing paper files. In the case of documents, there is a place for everything and everything is in place. Vantaggio also has the fan file briefcase five pockets. These FAN file briefcases will organize all your papers like a traveling file cabinet. However, I'll definitely be traveling in style. No matter if you are on a case Vantaggio with discount luggage. The Vantaggio leather always looks rich and magnificent.

The selection of handbags and leather goods is designed to function and appearance. Each folder has the same elegant hand-stained leather when you open it. The interior of the pockets of the law are leather lined in soft leather to match for durability skill. Each piece is stitched around the perimeter. Vantaggio features wallets, brochures, money clips, front pocket wallets, purses and extra flap. There are also extra page hipsters and breast pocket wallets with multi compartments and pockets for credit card charges. They also all styles of business card or ID card. They also have a functional travel tie case to go along with travel accessories. A business card organizer place all other cards, as well as some of yours. Exceptional craftsmanship is present in every piece of Vantaggio leather. A popular style is an envelope, that contains and displays 4×6 photographs. These are perfect to show off vacation photos, grandparents or parents new and celebrations of all kinds.

travel wallets and holders of passports is another product by Vantaggio. All these are designed to make your trip easier and more organized. Vantaggio have a passport cover and fits in a man's back pocket or zippered compartment inside a woman's purse. They also have full size zippered cases, which will be of everything from frequent flyer cards and passport in your travel itinerary. There is also an outside compartment for your boarding pass and a compartment inside to clear driver's license with photo identification. These travel wallets are the perfect accompaniment for light luggage and that your travel plans easier. Vantaggio is a name to remember when looking for accessories finest Italian leather and cases.

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 37 years. She currently works at Village Luggage & Gifts.

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