One Week

One Week

The fundamental principle of the fastest way to lose weight

You want to burn calories from stored fat. That is people. It is very simple.

Now, how does that happen? Well, you burn more calories in a day than the calories you consume. It is very simple. Do you agree? So now you are asking, how to find a way to burn more calories than the calories you consume.

The average Jane and Joe burn approximately half 2500 calories a day with your usual activities, every day. And the average Jane and Joe Average tends to eat about 2500 calories. In this case are neither win or lose weight. They are just maintain your weight.

But it is very easy to go over 2500 calories you eat in a day. Did you know that a single slice apple pie has 400 calories? Whoa! And that's without whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream on top.

The following sections explain the basics to understand what you are eating and how many calories are in it, and explain the basis of how many calories are burned with their activities.

This not be too long. Please read on. You can actually do it.

Check with your doctor

Always consult your doctor before to change your diet, exercise or lifestyle. Get advice that is exactly for you.

Understand what you are eating – How many calories

You have a lot of options when it comes for you to eat. If you are eating, you can select one or the other. If you set your own food, you decide what to prepare. Here is a example of how important this is.

– A cup of cooked beans has 38 calories in the same

– A cup of cooked beans has 260 calories in the same

This is almost a difference of 7 to 1. You get the power of both, but the beans will be loaded in a considerable calories.

Let's go back and look at the apples again.

– 1 chopped raw apple has 60 calories

– 1 cup unsweetened apple sauce has 100 calories

– 1 cup sweet apple sauce has 190 calories

– 1 slice of apple pie has 400 calories

There is hardly a difference 7 to 1 sliced apple to apple pie. Are you beginning to see how even a little knowledge of the caloric content of food can make a big difference?

The label of all packaged foods you buy gives the calorie content. Get in a habit of reading labels on what you buy. See if added sweeteners.

Water, Water, Water

In a later section, there will be a discussion of snacks. meals or we could say, eating bad sandwiches, can seriously derail your program the fastest way to lose weight. At the moment there is a very important fact. Often when you feel hungry, the underlying need that the body is not for the food! You are really thirsty. So when you're hungry between meals scope of its bottle water. Keep a water bottle with you. Do not drink sodas. Your body wants water. Give your body what it wants.

If after 5 or 10 minutes you still feel as if they are hungry, then follow the inspiration in the following paragraph on snacks.


There are many choices of sandwiches with enough calories in them. There are also delicious snack foods that were just a few calories. But what we will cover briefly here are food that have negative calories.

negative calorie foods, also called super foods, have a small amount of calories. But did you know you are actually burning calories when your body is digesting food. Think about that. The digestion process is consuming calories.

What if the amount of calories it took to digest certain foods was more than the calories contained specific foods? However, eating foods then make you burn more calories.

You can eat these foods (negative calorie foods, super food) and not put any weight on his body.

Let's get down to business. Some of the most popular super foods are: celery (raw), carrots (raw) apples (raw), and oranges (raw). Take them with you wherever you go.


Now do not start to moan. Previously mentioned you burn about 2500 calories a day. If you eat 2500 calories, then you will not achieve the fastest way to lose weight. You will not lose no weight at all.

So you cut what you eat, for example to 1500 calories a day. Then you burn 1000 calories a day from fat stored. If you did that every day then you would burn 7000 calories of stored fat in a week. This would be about 2 pounds of fat burning in a week.

What if you do not want to reduce their food? Well that's fine, just increase your exercise so that you burn 2500 more calories than usually in one day.

Here is a simple, no such costs.

– Walk briskly for 45 minutes every day. Swing your arms while walking. You do not have to walk so quickly that you get out of breath, but keep the pace up.

– You'll burn 270 to 405 calories in the walk.

– In a month that from 8100 to 12,500 calories

– But this is what I really want to know. In a month you can lose up 3.5 kilos.

– In a year that is 25 to 40 pounds.

Dear friends, if you would like to hear many secrets and techniques of weight loss and would like to see all this information on the fastest way to lose weight, presented in a very easy to understand format, please click the link that follows.

Good luck to you in everything.

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