One Size

One Size

To combat excess weight is one of the oldest "women's sport." Especially this kind of sport is very popular after the holiday. And here we are now. Past and the summer holidays coming closer.

If you see that your summer wardrobe feels tight as they are not in hurry to change clothes larger size. The situation is quite correctable. I'd like to make available to the diet helps you get rid of 5 kg (11 pounds) of excess weight during a week. The motivation is strong – the size of the clothing must not be higher than last summer! Is not it nice to strike your friends and acquaintances after the holidays and the winter season does not add excess weight?! And this decision is the first step to successful weight loss. Required to make some efforts you, of course, but it is worth doing. Pointer of the scales will move to the figures you want, and after a week needed will be achieved.

This, no doubt cheer you up and you'll want to strengthen the results and may be going further.

The diet will help your stomach to familiarize themselves with less food you need each day. It will decrease the whole amount of calories consumed. So after this diet is easy to maintain balanced diet.

Yes, to lose 5-7kg (11-15 pounds) heavier than a week is enough. The diet is very simple. The food these days is fruits and vegetables. But we must also overeat, 1.5 kg (3 pounds) of these a day is enough.

What you can eat for a day?


Boiled vegetables

mashed vegetables

"Oranges and tangerines


Whole fruit type (not dressed)

-Fruit puree (no sugar)

The main rule is to not eat more than 1.5 kg (3 pounds) of food per day. What you can drink? Is tea (green is best), coffee (without sugar) and mineral water.

To make better choice of fruit appearance to suit your skin. For dry skin is red berries, for oily skin better than green sour fruit. For normal skin suit both.

But it is not enough to eat little! Take a strong shower every morning to drive the process better. After a shower of blood go freely through vessels. Shower makes you happy and pulls you away from food. So, breakfast will be lower than usual. It can be a cup of coffee will suffice. But do not forget to add a little milk fat not to harm your stomach. This test method I use myself.
Hot bath with a few drops of aromatic oil draw your thoughts appetizing food at night. It can be rosemary eucalyptus, lemon, pine or other things you like. You will access the perception of fragrance that takes you away from food.

Should not be placed in the bathroom without no movement. If your bathroom has a hydro massage is perfect. If not try to do it yourself. Even simple massage can work miracles.

This could be after 3-4 days you will be tired of fresh vegetables and fruits. To begin to cook them! Do not be afraid to experiment. You can cook your food day at a time and divides parties. Remember the rule – no more than 1.5 kg (3 pounds) of food a day. Vary assortment of vegetables. They can be:





sweet pepper

It can be everything I eat, everything that suits you.

There is another way to limit their portion of food – reducing salt in their food or not the salt completely. The flavor of the food is a bit strange. You will eat is not much in this case. But that is all need!

Recipes for vegetables and fruits that will show in the next article.
7 days after this diet you will be pleasantly surprised. Compare the weight with which they had before. You'll be glad that such results.

And if we want to strengthen the results need to know to choose food items to properly balanced and how to cook. Next article will be devoted to this matter too.

Be healthy,


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