Ocean Walk

Ocean Walk

(After a visit to the Moon)

When the moon was out, I said quickly (as if time is of the essence), to search waters land, now meet five angels on the edge of a cloud, and saw seas deep in the heart, vision, within this dream, and Micha'el said

Browse and see what the waters are the focus, as the waters cover the earth, the waters have their own story to tell, and he was right, and I looked deep into the oceans, clouds from above, through the proper depth under water, the ocean floor (heard and observed), I was at the maximum depth of the earth, from one extreme to another, under the polar ice depth, and its waters and took me back in time by the waters the previous period the flood, perhaps around 9600 to 3600 a. C., or more or less (I realized there had been several major floods in the past, about 9600 BC one another about 3600 BC, and the last around 1300 BC C.).

This fog I had not realized it was more like a glass of water, covering the entire earth, and it seemed that the fairly uniform temperature field, and the land masses were different, the continents were not as they are today, there seemed to be more water than land and the land that was on surface water were around the edge of each continent, where they often could fall into the ocean several miles a right or a step, to an island.

I saw a great rain, which did not exist before I think about 10,000 a. C. (With the exception of special flood periods in time) and this steam is covered by water as a fog falling lightly and gently on the surface of the earth, and it was green as green could be more beautiful, but the flood I returned to my mind, both ascending and descending scenes one after another.

Now I could understand why a large variety of animals and plants could live, the air pressure in the atmosphere was more oxygen to the animals, and thus became a longer life, maybe the dinosaurs (although I did not see any).

Then I had a moment, a return time of this odyssey, and I found myself thinking about the ozone layer today, which came to mind like lightning, as in those distant days as a canopy would protect the man of solar radiation that reaches the Earth from space, this could play a role in aging, one person or animal or drink could double its life.

But knowing the nature of human beings, such divine gifts over looked, and felt that this was, by the vision of the day, deep rot man, his depravity in the earth in those days was a time in history demoralized Land (and land and water confirmed that for me).

Then came the rains, and saw the earth crack open and underground seas to shed their waters, and the awning fell all their water from above the earth, and grass, as the pores, the water pushed up through the earth's crust to the surface, all which contained water in the bay, as columns below ground and above, fell apart in this new incredible force of a storm.

And there icy winds across the planet, atmospheric changes, snow storms, although the polar regions melted add the water in this great land flooding. I was like if the earth and the waters had joined forces with God's will for revenge against humanity. All waters covered the land now. And yes, the waters of the earth, I said and showed me this.

And Micha'el said: "In those days, God warned the people, he said, 'I blot out man whom I have created … because I feel I've done. '"

And so I saw today, in this dream-vision, the world that once was, and thought, maybe we reaching about one day so destructive again.

Written as a supplement to the story "The Cadaverous Journey by adding immediately after Visit to the edge of the moon. 3/20/2008, 7:54 PM.

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