Ocean View

Ocean View

Going on a cruise ship excursion? Learn how to save money on a cruise is just as important as having a relaxing and fun time going on a cruise. Such Once you go for his second trip and remember like it was yesterday how much money you have spent on their last outing. Obviously you need to change things and change their habits Cost for the better.

It is a fact that cruise lines are very good at sucking money while on board. It's like being in a large casino, floating in Las Vegas. The ship's structure, colors, music … almost everything is designed to make you spend more money. After reading this you'll be better prepared and have strategies that can help save a lot of money after your vacation. Let's look at some tips on how to save money on your cruise trip.

Supply and demand

Timing is everything. If demand is less than the cost would also be not too expensive. Different areas have different high and low season. You can easily spot price differences of up to 50% when you compare the cost lower than the higher cost.


Try to get your cabin as soon as possible and then see the price. If the price falls, you can order the low current cost. You can only keep original price if the cost rises. You can save hundreds of dollars on all cruise tours with this technique.

Another thing to remember about cottage – Cabins with ocean view costs higher than inside cabins, balcony staterooms rising costs of ocean view cabins and suites are the most expensive. Also the lower decks are cheaper than the upper floors. It would be best to get an ocean view lodge on the lower area instead of getting a file, within the higher ground.


You should definitely bring your own camera and take your own pictures. If a cruise ship photo tour is appealing to you, get all your family / group photo, because you only pay per photo, not everyone in the group.


You can eat your meals in the main dining room, as they have very good food there are all free. Stay away from restaurants that is free of charge optional.


The price of a small bottle of water inside of a cruise is $ 4. The thing is you do not have to buy water because it is FREE inside the ship. Drinks at the buffet and are a typical cruise ship excursion allowed to bring a moderate amount of drinks drinks. Again, do not have to buy water because it is FREE.

Spa and auctions

This is simple … stay away from them!


Back to soil if it is necessary to use the Internet because the bandwidth out of the cruise is much cheaper and faster.


Bring enough clothes to last you the entire trip. Some cruise liners have railway excursions, laundry and other not. Sometimes will wash your clothes all for a flat rate.


If you have to buy anything, be sure to do so in the last day, because stores offer special discounts. You can also examine the photographs of the journey and only buy the best.


Pay using cash as possible and try not to use a credit card. You will be much more aware of how much is being spent to buy with real money Instead of buying through your credit card.

These are some of the most common tips on how to save money while cruising but there’s still a critical mistake that 99% of the cruise passengers make while cruising and it’s costing you hundreds of dollars. You can save us much as 75% on your cruise vacation with insider cruise travel tips. Outsmart cruise lines and go to http://www.IntelligentCruiserReview.com/

Ocean View – One Day As A Lion

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