Nylon Carry

Nylon Carry
Where can I find metal wires for purchase for use in folding diffusers in photography?

I'm trying to make my own diffusers folding using rip-stop nylon, but can not find flexible metal strips that make them collapsible. The closest I get is to buy the protective sunscreen is put in the window of his car and starting the matterial and replace it with ripstop, but I would try to find a cheaper alternative. Home Depot, low stores art does not seem to lead to metal wires. Links to websites are very useful.

You can attempt hobby shops … maybe kite making supplies. You can also ask the manufacturers of light boxes (such as Alien Bees … ask for replacement parts) … but the size may be limited. Another idea is to look in stores camping equipment … perhaps the definition used for tents may serve your purpose.

Benchmade Houdini-Pro Rescue Tool by US Cavalry

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