Nwt Fluff

Nwt Fluff

The title says it all and the most important thing that makes someone want to open your ad or flee. You want to use every single space, have been assigned to get your item noticed without filling with lint. Set L @ @ K or WOW or some other non-essential word in the ad space is filled, but does not describe what you are selling.

I search on eBay for the word L @ @ K and it is believed that there were 44,457 listed by L @ @ K in the title. That's crazy! So I searched and found other sites Etsy had a handful of listings, Craigslist had ten, Office of Legal Affairs 3172, Amazon and Bonanzle had none. When L @ @ K become an item description?

I doubt any of the buyers are looking for an article that puts L @ @ K in the search box. You are in the cyber world merchandise sales and in order to succeed you must be very good at writing descriptions.

The titles do not have be a sentence that is written with correct grammar and punctuation. The title should anticipate the words shoppers will use when they are on your items. Its title does not have to be flashy, just because when I needed a new red sweater look I do not care that you wrote: Itching Red Sweater Regifting mother gave me L @ @ K ***. What the buyer is looking for a man of great size, mixed wool, Polo, turtleneck, new jersey, red. The buyer is probably will not find a sweater to make a search and did not identify the condition, brand, type, gender, or size. The use of words describes the subject is always preferable to adding silly words and punctuation.

eBay gives you 55 characters to complete the title, given that 70 characters and Craigslist Bonanzle gives you 60. This is more than enough space to write a catchy title. There are plenty of standard abbreviations that are common so do not have to explain things like New With Tag (NWT) or New In Box (NIB). Make a list of specific titles you are selling and tell the buyer what you are selling.

Want to refrain from using terms such as "like new" as the sites that many consider this spam keywords. His departure will come when one looks for new buyer despite putting new words in the title. You also want to avoid comparing his other name brand items. Do not say "as a Rolex "or" no "Rolex. Again, this is spam keywords and your ad can be removed.

Sometimes you just do not know what to write on the gray stone so they look at another vendor listings and see how he describes his gray rock. Do not plagiarize other people's lists, write your own unique title use of ideas you get to see what other sellers are having success with.

Using the space the title area can help buyers to find.

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From Kelley Hopper – Ecommercize: Strategies for your Online Success

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