Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta
What is the weather in Nuevo Vallarta in late July?

Hello, I want to go to an all-inclusive resort (Marival Resort & Suites) and wondering is it worth going in July? Are there hurricanes, cold, etc? If you know what the hotel are your feelings about it? Thanks so very much of his time.

HOT. I went in August and was 85-90 degrees every day, the sun and beautiful. A hurricane really did when I was there. However, it was 250 miles from the coast. According to the locals is very rare for a hurricane to hit there. None of them were concerned, even while all the tourists who have worried. But the weather was cloudy and rainy for a day. Then it was back to 90 degrees, nice weather! You'll be fine. Enjoy all-inclusive, is the only way follow. But do not get ripped off. Since downtime is the year you should be getting a good deal. My trip was only $ 900 (flight, hotel, food and beverages).

Allegro Nuevo Vallarta

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