Night Stay

Night Stay
The best places to stay for the night between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie?

I'm in Melbourne at the moment, but starting a new job in Perth soon. I think to drive there in mine over about 4 days. What is the best place to spend the night in the middle of the long between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie? I bring a tent and camp?

The road houses have motels or cabins. Not much of a choice Take a pillow there are plenty of areas rest and most of them have caravans or passengers who throw in with their cars for a Dream. Bring water and some food. but no fruit allowed over the border. You can find 4 days is a bit long as there is not much to do, except unit and the rest by what one can cover a lot of miles in a day. Care with road trains along larger than the thunder. It is a super travel I love going to the Nullabor. Some may think that is a bit boring, but I found really interesting.

Benjamin Orr – Stay the Night

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