Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller
Black tie event, I have a knee Nicole Miller magenta gown, but what I can do with my legs … Help!?

The event is the last minutes, and I have floor-length dresses. I love this dress, but like bare legs and I'm so pasty white, as well as laser removal ungoing tattoo. Ideas for the legs? My style is so nervous that anything goes. I like to wear shoes that show off my fingers, but I can make bombs. "I can use pantyhose no legs? What color? Anything I can do besides black, or black may be the best? I've even considered a color, pattern tight? Spray Tanning is not an option, or I would do that. Any ideas at all??? Even if the idea is absurd, off the wall, crazy, but work. 10 points to the first idea that inspires my solution!

pale black nylons, can deal with it for a night. this is a special event for all the heavens.

NICOLE MILLER Spring 2010 runway show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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