Must Ride

Must Ride
Can a 5 "riding a sport bike or must move people on a cruise?

I'm 5 "and I just passed my MSF safety course. The only thing that remotely can put both feet on the ground is the rebel of the Suzuki S40. But really would prefer a sports bike. Can it be done? if so recomened any of you? So you must be comfortable on a bike I can touch the ground w / the beginning and then ride a sport bike?

5 inches, no know the size of its affairs unit for the choice of bike, maybe you mean 5 '. You can if youre 5 feet. I know a woman that began with 250 now a ninja riding a gsxr600 i doubt shes an inch over 5 feet.

Nelly – Ride Wit Me ft. St. Lunatics

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