Mtn Resorts

Mtn Resorts

Everyone knows they are expensive ski vacation.

However, if you have chosen to visit Silver Star Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, which has already indeed the most important decision ensures that the money savings. Unlike the older sister is Whistler Blackcomb, which lacks the Silver Star on the size that that compensates for small town atmosphere and comfortable hotel.

Here are some additional tips to help you stretch your dollar silver in the mountain resort of the star.

Tip # 1 – Book your travel early

Myth: book the flight at the last minute is often better to reserve well advance. (This idea may have been initiated by the airlines or travel agencies that needed to download a number of unsold seats quickly). Rest assured, it is always best to book as soon as possible. Last minute bargains are possible, but remain the exception.

Tip # 2 – Reserve his Silver Star Mountain Accommodation Owner-Direct

Book your hotel Silver Star Mountain resort directly with owners and small hosting providers saves money by avoiding the burden of the average agent fees. And as an added benefit, many owners have free parking, while rental managers and hotels may charge additional fees for overnight parking.

Tip # 3 – Invite more friends to Silver Star Mountain and share the cost

Two of the company and three a crowd. However, consider splitting the cost of their accommodation Mountain Silver Star with a few other friends and the price drops dramatically. Also, having more people does not necessarily mean sacrificing personal space. Rent a larger property with more people may end up cheaper than a condo divided between a couple or family.

Tip # 4 – Entertainment Pack

Keeping children entertained in the meantime hit the ski slopes of Silver Star can burn holes in your budget. According rental, television and film are an alternative to the test failure to exit. But packing a number of fun options can help the days go low, as some classic board games, a package of pencils color, or absolutely a package or two of the cards. After all, there's nothing like an afternoon of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit after a hard day of skiing.

Tip # 5 Skip the Silver Star Mountain Resort Restaurants

This is a murderer. Eating out is easily one of the fastest ways to paralyze their finances, especially if your vacation lasts a few days. The easiest alternative is to book your mountain lodge silver star with a kitchen and prepare at least some of their meals with private bathroom. Try searching for simple recipes online before you go and you might be surprised with some tasty (and dishes cheaper). Your family (and wallet) will thank you.

Tip # 6 seek Discounts On Silver Star Brochures & Flyers Mountain Touring

While strolling the streets and browse the shops, always thinking of resorting to useful maps and guides visitors often include discount coupons for various activities and restaurants. Even saving a few dollars per coupon can be added to the end of a journey. On the other hand is likely to spend that money anyway and you're on vacation. Either way, you can afford to do more!

Tip # 7 – Avoid ATMs

ATMs can be out of a jam if you do not have enough cash, but the charges for each withdrawal can be painful. The machine will charge at the place and his bank charged on your bill the following month. Practice prevention of this problem by buying traveler's checks, credit card or debit card, and carrying a small amount of cash.

Tip # 8 – To rescue the tickets AirMiles Silver Star Mountain

If you're one of the countries that allows you to collect AirMiles (now Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Arab Emirates), then you can change to mountain resort Silver Stars season tickets! Simply redeem 300 miles for a day pass for 375 per week or a weekend pass and will be on the mountain in no time. Discover how to redeem your miles to your local AirMiles website.

Devon O’ Malley is a staff writer for, a vacation rental website offering powerful search and instant booking features for owners and guests alike. On your next Silver Star vacation, check out their Silver Star Ski Resort accommodation directory and save money by booking your Silver Star accommodation [] directly with homeowners.

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