Motorcycle Sissy

Motorcycle Sissy
I am the real "queer" when he walks with my husband …?

I bought my husband a motorcycle, a Harley Sportster, almost a year ago. He have found a group of people to ride that began to bring their wives as passengers on their motorcycles. Of course, now my husband wants me to travel with him in his bicycle. It's becoming a big argument between my wife and I have to advise … I have just scared to go perfectly – I have a fear of death and my weight curves doing it is not safe, and be afraid of having to rely on all drivers in the cars around us. I do not restrict riding all .- I do not nag and do what we can to make it easy for him to just go out and travel. I like to do this with him, but I can not overcome my fears … help us, will you please?!? 🙂

My second wife was deathly afraid of motorcycles … Perhaps some of it was my fault, but it was a great source of contention when he wanted to go somewhere on the bike, and she refused to join me. I think we both missed several opportunities to enjoy the adventure for this reason. Some of the motorcycles traveling in a group is the social activity that revolves around motorcycles and trips you can take with a group. After my divorce, I rode as a "lone wolf" for several years, and I always felt a little out of place when I attended group activities as a lone rider. Even if you travel with your spouse, you should make an attempt to meet him in the social activities of his group of motorcycle … Attend group meetings and meet some people (men and women) who rides with. If they do a walk over night or weekend, you could volunteer to drive the luggage van at the bicycle therefore not loaded. Can even lead to some extra tools and parts replacement in case of one of the bikes are broken down in the trip. One last suggestion … If you really want to overcome their fear of motorcycles, perhaps the best way is to learn to ride your own bike! Sign up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation ( beginner riders course. They teach about the motorcycles in a classroom environment insurance, and then give you the opportunity to do it yourself. You never know … You can learn to like it, good luck!

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