Millennium Leather

Millennium Leather
What holster fits my gun?

Ok, so they have a taurus pt145 millennium pro. I have a cover that is shit. Seeking a nylon or leather back sleeve that is inside the pants with a clip or a holster belt slide or side band style, but with the belt clip to take the right hand. This gun will become my new Cary left to replace my 38 s & w 5 shots. So any help with this I have looked online and have had little luck. So any help thank u. Also on a side not looking for my sights tru glow pt145 for or in any good light for

First of all, let me suggest to reconsider its de-la-lap small fundamental idea. He knew that two different individuals, who injured bad enough to need surgery falling back and landing on his holstered gun while using SOB holsters. And with a sleeve choke, you must be careful not to cause a strong "processor!" when you sit on a hard chair back of the bench. I believe there is nothing like the sound to silence a noisy fast-food restaurant. SOB holsters return Anothere is the fact that during your draw and presentation, you will sweep your gun mouth through your body, many opportunities to shoot you if not very careful. With that aside, I would suggest you to contact Rob Leahy at Simply resistant covers ( Rob's work is extraordinary and makes a great concealment holsters. If you do not see what you want in your catalog on-line, I'm sure you can do any type of cover you want. The quality is amazing and the cost is pretty darned modest. If Rob calls, tell him I sent you. Doc

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