Milano Collection

Milano Collection
Who would win this tournament Japanese Pro Wrestling!?

Lucharese the best in the world! Wataru Inoue Masaaki Mochizuki vs. winner of these two is: Milano Collection AT vs. Shuji Kondo Brother YASSHI "vs. The Great Sasuke —- winner of these two = Ultimo Dragon vs. Susumu Yokosuka final winners resaults is …: check me!

I'll be doing these predictions on the assumption that all the wrestlers in the tournament are in their prime ….. 1) Inoue beat Mochizuki 2) Shuji Kondo Milan beats 3) Inoue Shuji Kondo beat 4) Great Sasuke beat YASSHI 5) Yokusuka beat Ultimo Dragon (No real competition in all of Dragon) the final-beat Ultimo Dragon Great Sasuke. This would be a very close game and very fun to watch. They have clashed before, and those were great games. But he should give it to last just because I think it is higher in pure wrestling and a little faster than Sasuke.

Milano Collection at desire

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