Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse
Why is more popular than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the U.S.?

In the Dutch newspaper someone wrote that the magazine "Donald Duck "no longer exist in the U.S. because Americans like Mickey Mouse more, because Americans want to be" winners "and Mickey is so" perfect " is a role model for them. In the Netherlands, Donald is very popular because he is not perfect and fun. I think Mickey is upset because he never makes mistakes.

In reality, Donald is very popular in the U.S.. Like a cartoon character, which is probably more popular than Mickey, because more people can relate to it and how reacts to situations. As an icon, however, Mickey is the logo of two major theme parks, resorts and entertainment giant in the industry. His appearance and the famous logo "mouse ears" are in all these places. Maybe that's why we see Mickey as the most popular in the U.S..

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HOT DOG Song

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