Metal Luggage

Metal Luggage

First, let's start by allowing you to know what a Full Metal Rabbit Tonneau Cover is exactly. Not everyone knows, there are a lot of people who are not familiar with this truck bed cover. This is a barrel retractable cover also known as a barrel roll cover on top. The cover tracks going to each side of your truck bed for the cover to travel in. It has a box that is on the front of the box under his truck cab rear window. The bottle is the part of retractable system that retracts the barrel is covered inside and out. This basically is how the upper deck retractable or roll is designed. Different decks have some different characteristics. I will now describe the Full Metal Hare and let you know about some of their characteristics.

Edwards says his step Full Metal Rabbit Tonneau Cover is designed and manufactured to an exact fit for every make, model and year of collection trucks that produce the coverage. They say that the design cover has a cleaner, more elegant look than the barrel of the traditional roll-up covers. Of course, as with all other tonneau cover is less wind resistance at the gate rear, improving gas mileage. The Full Metal Rabbit tonneau cover is constructed of all metal which is powder coated aluminum panels are attached to it hinged not collect debri. This cap rides flush along your truck bed rails s that gives a pleasing and elegant low profile. The tension spring allows continuous smooth running with less pulling force when closing. This coverage has a "No Latch" Lok "system that allows the bolt cover on the tailgate or every 12 inches along the track of the barrel. The container is made of ABS and it is lightweight, rustproof and dent proof.

This covers not require drilling to install. You install it with clamps. The barrel is made in the U.S. and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

Some advantage of this tonneau cover is fuel economy, allowing the wind to pass over your tailgate instead of clicking on it causing friction and an increase in gas consumption. The cover also protects your cargo from driving due to high winds and protect your cargo from the weather. It deters thieves with your system end, and keep your cargo out of sight, out of mind. Add a great look to your truck. And I have to mention the 3 year warranty which is a real advantage compared to other retractable roofs barrel. Another big advantage that comes to mind is being able to get in your truck bed quick and easy, not only to lift the lid up, but by removing the front, completely out of his way. Some of the disadvantages that I got from customer feedback may be a slight depression on the cover. The instructions are with it can be a bit vague, but can be controlled with a little common sense. The price is a bit high.

In general, Full Metal Rabbit Tonneau Cover is a very nice retractable truck bed cover. I think this cover will protect your cargo as well as any upper roller pickup and covers better than most. I hope this article help you decide if the cover of this barrel is for you.

A tonneau cover can be a great asset to your truck. Keep your cargo safe from thieves and harsh weather. Check them out at the authors website. You will also find auto accessories including truck tool boxes, custom wheels and much more to bring out the best in your vehicle.

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