Metal Clip

Metal Clip

I have used electrolysis for about 35 years as a means to clean coins and relics that came out of the earth in less than desirable conditions. The sandy soil, as I have in the Florida center, it is difficult to silver and gold coins, relics and jewelry from metal detecting finds. Nickel, copper and brass, not doing so well and many emerging findings also damaged by fire or other environmental problems (soil). Getting started is easy and not expensive.

The first thing to get is a 9, 12 or 18 volts AC / DC from a telephone or other electronic source such as a gaming system. Most people have one laying around the house or that can be bought at a thrift store for a couple of dollars.

Cut the small box at the other end of the adapter, and separate cables. Strip the ends and place one clamp on each cable with the screws provided (do not use the copper color clips). alligator clips are cheap and hardware stores or stores like Kmart or WalMart carry them.

A stainless steel spoon, a glass cup and a box of salt are the only essential elements necessary to complete your project to clean coins. lemon juice concentrate can also improve their results, but is not required for electrolysis to work.

Fill the glass cup with tap water and add a teaspoon of salt and stir it up. Place a few drops of concentrated lemon juice in water increases the level of conductivity.

The next step is to determine what the clip is positive and negative wires. If you do not have a tester to determine this, do not worry. Place the stainless steel spoon in the mirror and attach a clamp to it and the other the currency. Plug the adapter into the mains and immerse the coin in the saline solution so it is completely covered, without touching the spoon. If the spoon starts bubbling is necessary to change the jaw around. The negative clip is the one that bubbles and going to the currency. I can make a positive clip with a red marker, or better yet, put a knot in negative cable remember to put coins for this clip.

If all is well the currency begins to fade and the bubble in a few seconds. Make sure the clip is contact with the metal of the coin. May be necessary to remove some corrosion to get to the bare metal. A few minutes to be seen as a small cloud of dust is forming around money. Electrolysis is working and the current flowing through the currency of the separation of non-corrosive metal particles against currency. After about five minutes, the cloud is much larger and will generate a bad smell. It takes about five to seven minutes to clean the coin, but it does not hurt the removed from the solution to verify the cleaning process. When you feel you do, unplug the drive spins. Never leave the unit plugged in and unattended. The heat factor electrolysis could start a fire and destroy your home.

I have successfully used this method of cleaning in the ancient, biblical, and coins of all kinds 1700-1900. If you are unsure about the value of a coin, do not use this method. Remember that ancient coins are not judged in the same way that modern coins and this method is somewhat safer for most of them. Safety is a must! Get yourself an OSHA approved mask for chemical breathing device. Stainless steel issues a gas in the cleaning process that could cause skin and even damage the lungs over a long period of time. Also the residue of what it is, a product hazardous chemical, and dispose of it properly. Free iron oxide is much safer than steel and eliminates the risk to your health. It is a better option for this cleaning process.

Here’s to “diggin” it! Larry

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk and never use this method on valuable coins as value will be greatly reduced!

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