Mask Blinder

Mask Blinder
Is there a possibility that madara uchiha?

is Obito, or somehow the dead Danzo? I read rumors about a debate that stole the body Obito and that is why is the black veil and a little mask Danzo as he did when he became involved in the sharingans. As I think he plans not have the opportunity to raise the juubi to plant only a man and a blind Sasuke.

The Truth about Uchiha Madara? Danzo killed some time ago … he has had three known bodies. Obito, he is wearing now, Danzo and his original body he is resting up LUNA operation. See how he, who hated Dance 3. Fighting Manupulated sasuke was Madara. He needs to emphasize his eye sasuke so he starts to go blind then sasuke will take Itachi's eyes to obtain Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke When it does, then now try to take Madara Sasuke's eyes, because MS is not good for him. When he takes another EMS like yours, will unleash a more powerful sharingan never before seen or heard. That is the hope of Madara.

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