Mario Batali

Mario Batali
Iron Chef Mario Batali …..?

I understand that Chef Batali has been in a sort of feud with the Food Network. He has not fought for a long time but yesterday when I saw the latest episode of ICA vs culinary students offered Symon, had gone together. Does anyone really know what happened?? He was one of my favorites ….

I have no idea, but I saw in a documentary with his friend at the Sundance Chanel last night, were eating a meal and talk about different things, so that they are working on giving a good image. I also saw a program a few months ago wearing sandals orange bowl. He said he has thousands of pairs and has a foundation to help recycling. Her personality is abrasive, so I'm not surprised that in a dispute but I wonder what is up.

Mario Batali: Ricotta Frittata

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