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Man Made
What are natural and man-induced environmental hazards in the depths of the ocean?

What are some environmental hazards environment and natural man in the depths of the ocean?

Natural Chances are that things like black venting and methane-producing areas of countryside. Black smoke vents release of sulfur in water heated above. Methane gas fields release methane, which can be poisonous and also affects buoyancy. made man is derived from fishing nets and buoys networking and fishing trawlers. In addition, you have to consider deep sea illegal dumping of hazardous waste (Loose and barrels). Oils, fuels, chemicals barrels eventually settle to the bottom of the ocean and then corroded or leaking in the middle surrounding environment. Releases of hazardous waste may get to do the same for direct and indirect effects on the local environment. The risk will end up with loads shipwrecks and hazardous chemicals and fuel to operate the ship.

BBC: Yara Viking Ship, Largest Man Made Moving Machine on the Planet! – Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines

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