Luggage Zero

Luggage Zero
How can I store luggage on top of your vehicle?

We're on a road trip with 5 of our friends in a few days. We Jeep Commander is a passenger 7, but with the rear seats are used there is ZERO room for luggage. How to store things up at the top safely without having to buy the trunk? Lanes have luggage.

You will want to buy a large canvas sporting goods section at Wal Mart, and elastic or tie straps automotive. Lay the tarp on the roof of the vehicle, the load of luggage in a way which is not prone to shift or slide. Canvas wrap around luggage, fitting them into putting in the luggage, then use the strap bungees to downyou want to run where they overlap and run and horizontal verticle ex. Strap 1: running from front to back belt 2 running from left to right, overlapping 1 strap, front strap 3 running back, etc. .. I would recommend using at least 4 straps. Or you can rent a U-Haul free of errors, and trailers to pull back.

Twilight Luggage, April 2010

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